Black/Yellow TPU Non-slip Snow Chain Anti-skid Steel Plate Plus Gear High-grade Exterior Protection

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Good Compatibility : Novel Design, universal designed for the cars with tyre width of 6.50-10.4in / 165-265mm.

Easy to Install : Fast installation with no need to move the vehicle or take down the tyres, easy to carry and use.

High Quality : Made of TPU + Iron, low temperature resistant, wearable and tough. Ensure that the tire has enough grip, keep safe driving on snowy day. 

Once installed, the high hardness metal alloy nails which prevents slip once in the contact with the surface.

Wide Application Scope - Can not only use on ice road but also on sand road, mud road or climbing road. Provide you the extra grip of your car whenever wherever you need.

Subvert the old-fashioned snow chain, steel plate steel teeth to break ice, steel nail step point.

Mesh crushing ice-breaking type, non-slip grip.

Anti-slip steel teeth break ice and anti-skid, the strength spikes the cleats.

Strong and wear-resistant/impact resistant.

Low temperature resistant and tear resistant material, the chain piece is widened and thickened as a whole.

Easy and firm installation, no jack required, one-button disassembly.

Thickened support points, strong tightening force, firmness without falling off, firm mechanical rivets, flat back and no wear of the wheel hub.

The drainage groove is non-slip and speeds up the drainage of non-slip.

Vibration reduction to reduce noise, road non-slip force-isolating belt type.


Product Name Snow Chain
Quantity 1pcs
Suitable Tyre Width 165~265mm / 6.5"~11.2"
Color Orange/Black
Material TPU + Iron + Nylon
Application Condition Snowy road, Muddy road , mountain roads.


Installation method:

1, the anti-skid chain is placed on the tire, and the ribbon is hooked with a snow shovel.

2. Pass the ribbon through the gap in the middle of the rotating shaft.

3. The ribbon comes out of the square hole in the chain piece.

4, use the installation wrench to force the brake card up and pull out the ribbon at the same time.


Please note: 

1.Note: Original tires can support up to 265mm, and modified tires may not be applicable.

2. Make sure that your tire have SPOKES in the wheels as the straps need to go through them,the space between spokes should be at least 3cm. 

3. 45 km/h speed limit, do not slamming on the brake or sharp turning. 

4. The straps should not be installed on or near air valve. 

5. Avoid no-snow-covered road, sharp edged objects, dry pavements or flat ground. 

6. Use the snow scraper to clean up the snow on the tires before installation.

7. Please allow 0.5-1 inch difference due to manual measurement.(1inch=2.54cm)

8. The instruction is not included in the package.Professional installation is Highly Recommended.

Package Included:

1X Anti-skid snow chains(Orange/Black)
1X Installation tool 




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