YR1030 Battery Tester Internal Resistance Test with Test Frame for Lipo Battery

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YR1030 Battery Tester Internal Resistance Test with Test Frame for Lipo Battery

1.Voltage resistance with the screen at the same time
measurement.The resolution up to 0.01 milliohms. Range 200 ohms, can be measured button batteries, 9V laminated battery and other low-capacity battery.
2.Voltage, internal resistance function, respectively, with manual automatic range function.Automatic range switch, shows 4 times per second update. HOLD function to help you lock the display.
3.Dot matrix LCD screen.Size font combination, which clearly shows the measurement results, but also display rich content. Chinese menu is rich in settings.2 kinds of display mode.Normal mode display resistance and voltage, sorting mode shows the internal resistance voltage and the level of battery classification and counting.Built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery.Built-in charge management circuit.Energy saving function,Can be set 5 - 60min shutdown delay.
4.True four-wire 1Khz AC sinusoidal internal resistance meter 0.00001ohm---200 ohm range. It can measure lead acid, lithium ion, lithium polymer, lithium iron phosphate, alkaline, dry battery, nickel hydrogen, nickel cadmium, button battery and so on. The ZR function is used to measure the internal resistance of 5 milliohms or less.
5.Note: Read the instructions and the instructions on the back of the instrument before use. It is forbidden to input AC signal and DC voltage higher than 100V.
The main parameters:
Internal resistance measurement:
Precision format: ± ([precision percentage] + [least significant digit]
Range minimum resolution accuracy
20m ohm 0.01m ohm 0.7%+7 (when ZR function is enabled)
200m ohm 0.1m ohm 0.5%+5
2 ohm 1m ohm 0.5%+5
20 ohm 10m ohm 0.5%+5
200 ohm 0.1 ohm 0.6%+5
In the range of 5%-95% of the gear position, if it is not within this range (less than 5% gear range range, or greater than 95% gear range range), the error may be greaterthan the above accuracy.
Voltage measurement:
Range Accuracy ± (% reading + % range)
1V 0.35+0.015
10V 0.30+0.010
100V 0.30+0.015
Positive and negative symmetry error ± (0.012% + 5 words)
Temperature drift within normal use temperature (10 Celsius -40 Celsius) 100ppm / Celsius
Colour:Black + red
Package Contents:
1* Internal resistance tester
1* test frame

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