Machifit RSP60-L Axis 60mm Sliding Table Micrometer Precision Adjust Angle Manual Platform Sliding Stage

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Machifit RSP60-L  R Axis 60mm Sliding Table Micrometer Precision Adjust Angle Manual Platform Sliding Stage


Product Name:R Axis Sliding Stage
Type RSP60-L RSP60-L
Direction of Movement θ axis in one direction
Direction of Rotation R axis of rotation
Material Aluminum
Table Size 60mm
Stroke 360 ° (coarse), ± 5 ° (fine-tuning)
Load 29.4N (3kgf)
Minimum Reading for Nonius Nonius scale 0.1 mm
Roundness 0.03mm
Parallelism 0.03mm
Drive Mode Differential head
Table Thickness 15mm
Differential Head ≈0.96'
Quantity: 1 Pc × R Axis Sliding Stage

- Rotating platform enables fine adjustment of the angle of the platform to the approximate location, using the thickness adjusting switch screws, can be fine-tuned using a micrometer.

- High quality material: The main body is made of aluminium alloy plate of equal density, the surface is hard black anodized, durable, scratch resistant, fall and corrosion resistant.

- Adjustment Buttons: Nickel plated locking screws and nickel-plated coarse and fine adjustment knobs, carbide side heads, more secure locking

- Adjustment angle: Manually powered with a micrometer, can be achieved a coarse adjustment of 360 degrees and a fine adjustment of the rotation by ± 5°.

- Rustproof guide rail: The surface of the guide rail is galvanically treated to use it in a complex environment that is corrosion resistant and non-rusting.

- SUITABLE: Widely used for production machines, test equipment, optical test measurements, fine adjustment of displacement, accurate positioning, quantitative movement, etc.

Package Included:

1 ×  R Axis Sliding Stage (RSP60-L)

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