QC3.0 Apple Huawei MTK Samsung DIY Fast Charger DC 10-30V 24W Step-down Module for Emergency Charging of Mobile Phone

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QC3.0 Apple Huawei MTK Samsung DIY Fast Charger DC 10-30V 24W Step-down Module for Emergency Charging of Mobile Phone

Support the following fast charging protocols:

QC3.0 :Android Mobile Phone Using Qualcomm Mullon Processor

FCP :HUAWEI/glory9V2AQuick charge

Apple :Apple5V2.4AQuick charge

AFC :Samsung mobile phone,IncludeS9/note9Other flagship

MTK_PE:Red rice、Melanlanie and other mobile phones using MediaTek chips

Please note that:Mobile phone charging module usually has fixed output 10Volt,None of them support fast charging.!!Especially for middle and high-end mobile phones charging slowly!Please pay attention to all buyers.!


Use occasion:

1、Outdoor mobile phone charging!

2、Electronic enthusiastsDIYMulti-Brand Compatible Fast Charger!

3、Human living environment is getting worse and worse,Typhoon/Flood and water-logging/earthquake/War is about to come someday.,How to Keep Cell Phone Electric in the Face of Long-term Blackout?

Four、Solid materials、Scientific design


Comparing with the same kind of mobile phone fast charging board on the Internet,Our Advantages:

1、No hot hands!Low temperature rise!

Standard radiator、High-cost ferrosilicon-aluminium magnetic rings、Crude copper wire、Three Low Resistance Capacitors,Conversion efficiency is much better than that of similar products using patch inductors.!

2、Complete protection measures,More secure

Anti-backconnection with low-loss input,Wiring at will will not burn!And it has output overcurrent.、Output overvoltage、Input Overcurrent Protection!


3、High withstand voltage,More durable

Maximum withstand voltage32Volt,Instantaneous limit withstand voltage48Volt!(Some Maximum Voltage Resistance on the Internet24Volt cell phone charger is not available24Voltage storage battery!Because the full voltage of the battery is28Volt!)

For illustration purposes12Voltage storage batteryQC3.0Protocol Mobile Phone Fast Charging:


input voltage:10~30Volt

output voltage:6~12Volt(Automatic adjustment according to fast charging protocol)

Charging power:rated18W、Maximum24W


Mechanical dimension:39*19*9mm



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