7/12'' Aluminum Alloy Angle Square Triangle Ruler Roofing Carpenter Woodworking Tool

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7/12'' Aluminum Alloy Angle Square Triangle Ruler Roofing Carpenter Woodworking Tool



Product Name Woodworking Angle Ruler
Material Aluminum Alloy
Scale Type Imperial (inch)
Color Grey

A: 7" Ruler

B: 12" Ruler

Quantity 1 Pc × Woodworking Angle Ruler



- High quality aluminum alloy material, ensuring firmness, durability, anti dust properties and rust resistance.

- Triangle Ruler with clear & accurate metric and inch scale, making measure or mark more convenient.

- Lightweight and portable, easy to carry, use or store, this triangle ruler is also thick enough to stand up by itself.

- Used for woodworking, flooring, tile, or other carpentry projects, helping to clamp or measure or make marks while using.

- The measuring surface has clear scale, wear-resistant, high accuracy, easy to read and use.

- The surface is polished, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and rust-free, beautiful and practical.

- Aluminum alloy base, thickened, polished by special craftsmanship, smooth and not hurting hands, beautiful and generous.

- 7'' /12'' Triangle Ruler is Tri-square, meter square, protractor, line scriber & saw guide all in one tool.

- Used to make precise right-angles and as a cutting & drawing guide.


- Suitable for home builders, hobbyists, manufacturers, artists.


Package Included:

Type Quantity
A 1 x 7 inch Woodworking Angle ruler
B 1 x 12 inch Woodworking Angle ruler


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