Aluminum Alloy 3-in-1 Adjustable Dowelling Jig DrillingTemplate Locator Drill Guide DIY Woodworking Plate Furniture Puncher

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Adjustable 3-in-1 Drilling Template Aluminum Alloy Wood Drilling Guide Locator DIY Woodworking Tool Plate Furniture Puncher


Material Aluminum Alloy
Color Black
Surface Treatment Anodization
Scales Laser engraving
Clamping range 0-50mm
Size 80*67*48mm
Hole Diameter 8mm/15mm



  • Made of aluminum alloy, anodized surface treatment,nitrided hard tool steel drill sleeve.High hardness, wear and durability.
  • Drilling dowel jig with clear scale,laser engraving scale,engraving process the scale value is half the thickness of the wood plate.
  • The star screw of drilling locator can hold the wood plate tightly one clamping methods,drilling is precise and convenient.
  • Adjustable metal bushings,8/15mm metal bushings Precise alignment when drilling hole, easy to adjust hole height and hole depth.
  • Can be disassembled into two pieces.



  • Woodworking Locator kit used for edge,surface,T-shaped,and L-shaped joints.
  • Suitable for quick connection of furniture, woodworking DIY, etc.

Package Included:

1Pcs x 3 in 1 Drill Guide

1Pcs x Bushing Wrench

1Pcs x Hex Wrench

1Pcs x 10mm Drill Bushing

1Pcs x 15mm Drill Bushing

1Pcs x 8mm Drill Bit

1Pcs x 10mm Drill Bit

1Pcs x 15mm Hole Saw Cutter


1Pcs x Round dowel locator

2Pcs x 8mm Drill Bushing

3Pcs x Wood Dowel


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