150V 10A 150W LCD Digital Adjustable Constant Current Electronic Load Battery Tester Lithium Discharge Capacity Voltage Meter

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150V 10A 150W LCD Digital Adjustable Constant Current Electronic Load Battery Tester Lithium Discharge Capacity Voltage Meter

1. Screen and interface
2.2 inch LCM Screen, STN (yellow-green mode), display more content, large font, clear and not hurting eyes,
10 regular interfaces + 4 over-limit alarm interfaces
1 English display + 1 Chinese display (included in 10 regular display) 
2. Test input interface
Rich input interface to meet different input requirements
20A high current occlusion screw column, Type A USB, Mini USB, Micro USB, Type-C, 5.5*2.1mm male Connector
Note that only high current occlusal screw posts support up to 10A input, other ports do not support 
3. 3.7-inch fan Integrated heat sink, ABS base, with self-locking screw, firm and durable
Silent fan 22±3dBA, bearing fan, continuous operation for more than 40,000 hours
Intelligent temperature control, automatic start and stop, automatic start at temperature over 40 °C
12*12mm light touch button Comfortable and light 100,000 lifespan, one button, multiple controls,
270°±5° large angle adjustable knob resistance, double knob combination, easy to adjust and sensitive, quickly response
M3 copper and copper columns, the module is solid and firm
Double-layer design, simple and elegant appearance
4. Overrun protection
Voltage, current, power over-limit automatic stop input, sound + interface double alarm prompt, protection module and tested power supply, to avoid damage
Low voltage protection, over voltage protection, current over limit protection, power over limit protection
Equipped with AC100V~240V to 12V power supply, Chinese and English manual, universal
EVA lining, with easy-to-carry carton, sturdy and beautiful, cushioning and rolling 
5. Application range
General test of various power supplies, adapters, data lines, etc.
Power Voltage:DC 6~12V   
Interface:DC 5.0V
Voltage measure range:0~150V Accuracy:0.05V
Current adjustable range:0~10A Accuracy:0.05A
Capacity range:0~999.999Ah  Accuracy:0.001Ah
Cumulative range:0~99999.9Wh Accuracy:0.01Wh
Measure range:0~2999.9W Accuracy:0.01W
Impedance range:0~999.9Ω Accuracy:0.01Ω
Temperature range:0~99℃ Accuracy:1℃  
Max timing :999:59:59  Accuracy:1s
Fan cooling power: < 150W
Fan control threshold : Temp > 40℃
Standby reminder threshold : < 2W/0.5h;
Timing function : > 0.5W start timing
Input interface: 20A high current occlusion screw column, type A USB,Mini USB, Micro USB, Type-C USB
Refresh time: > 500ms/time  
Measurement rate: 0.5time/s
Over limit alarm: interface warning and buzzer alarm
Voltage overrun auto- stops discharge range:0~150V
Current overrun auto- stops discharge range:0~10A
Power overrun auto- stops discharge range:0~150W
Display screen: LCM display
Size : 149×96×80mm/195×105×135mm
Consumption : < 1.5A    
Operating temp : -10~60℃
Operating  humidity : 10~80
Mode Button Function Description:
1. Click to switch each display interface
2. The function of the button operation in the 2-4 interface is as follows:
A.long press all records to clear;
B.Double-click capacity (Ah) to reset to zero;
C.three-stroke power (Wh) reset to zero;
D.four-stroke power (00:00:00) reset to zero;
E.consecutive seven hits at no load, making the current zero accurate in the current temperature environment.Calibration is zeroed for accurate measurement at low currents;Factory reset all parameters.
3. The operation functions of the buttons under the interfaces 6, 7, 9, 11, and 13 are as follows:
A.Double-click the parameter value to increase, double-click and long press the parameter to continue to increase;
B.The value of the three-stroke parameter is reduced, and the length of the three-stroke is continued to decrease.
How to Use:
1. Input voltage × current ≤ 150W;
2. Turn on the load power supply, and the coarse and fine adjustment knobs will be reset to zero (counterclockwise to the end)
3. Long press the mode button to clear all data;
4. Connect to the power supply under test, and use the fine adjustment knob to slowly adjust the discharge current.When the fine adjustment cannot meet the current value, the fine adjustment is reset to zero, and the coarse adjustment knob is slowly adjusted.And with fine adjustment until the required current value is reached.
5. It is recommended to set the cutoff voltage (lower voltage input) when the battery is discharged.In order to avoid damage caused by excessive discharge.
Package Included:
1 x Intelligece Electronic Load Tester
1 x US Power Adapter
1 x EU Power Converter

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