LM2596S-ADJ Module DC-DC Buck Regulator Power Supply Module

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LM2596S-ADJ Module DC-DC Buck Regulator Power Supply Module

This is a flexible and easy-to-use LM2596, DC-DC step-down module, which can flexibly set the output voltage through a 6-position DIP switch. It also has an indicator light display. The input and output are all 4-position binding posts, which can be connected to different places as needed. It is very convenient to use multiple strands of wire on one terminal.
1. Other adjustable ones are mostly adjusted by a 3296 potentiometer. The adjustment needs not only a small screwdriver, but also the output voltage must be monitored with a voltmeter to adjust to the appropriate value. The use is very inconvenient, and this module uses The 6-position DIP switch performs a coarse adjustment in 0.5V steps, and the 3296 trimmer potentiometer fine-tuning allows you to quickly and easily preset to any 1.5V~33V voltage.
Input voltage: 5V-36V
Output voltage: 1.5V-33V (0.5V step), through an adjustable resistor to fine-tune
Output Current: 3A, 2A rated
Module size: 61 * 40 mm
Package Included:
1 x DC-DC step-down module
1. We have already adjusted the trimming potentiometer. The user can directly dial the DIP switch to set in 0.5V steps. If the user adjusts the trimming resistance by himself, if 0.5V step setting is required, the trimming potentiometer needs to be set again. Just adjust it back.

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