Acrylic Clear Practice Lock for Lockpicking



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This is a great how-to device for learning. education and improving your lock picking technique. Give your lock picking some vision and realise your potential – you'll be picking locks in no time with our practice aid.

Here's our 7 pin clear practice lock. complete with keys so you can see how keys – and picks – work when in the lock.

This practice set includes the following:

1. Transparent and clear practice padlock casing allows learners to see how all the moving parts work
2. Visible pin movement when a key is inserted in the lock and turned
3. Visible up and down pin motions as the key slides into and out of the practice lock
4. Allows all levels to visualize the action of each lock pick inside a normal lock
5. Perfect practical companion to our free eBook with each lock pick set order to give learners a theoretical guide on how the practice lockpicking and how the tools work
6. Works perfectly as a fully functional normal padlock even if it's just for practice
7. Aside from those mentioned above. a clear practice padlock can help you visualize the lock's inner mechanisms.

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