2-In-1 Vigorous Pliers Diagonal Hole Pliers C-Clamp Locking With Large V-Pads

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2-In-1 Vigorous Pliers Oblique Hole Clamp ,C-Clamp Locking with Large V-Pads.
【Model】 GCGJ2020-12
【Applicable】 Woodworking
【Material】 High-quality chrome vanadium steel
【Handle material】 TRR two-color sleeve handle
【Size】 6/11inch


1.Heavy duty Chrome Vanadium steel For usein welding applications and for holding awkwar shapes in place.

2.Soft Rubber Grip Handles and Fast ReleaseHandle Design.

3.Adjustable top spindle for holding pipes ofarying sizes.

4.The V-pads on the Pipe Pliers adapt to many different shapes and size.

“1”“2”and “3”large V-pads provide abetter clamping surface.


Package Included:

1 X 

Woodworking Clamp

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