GANWEI 2-In-1 Slotting Adjustable Wood Trimming Machine Holder Eletric Trimmer Holder Bracket for 65mm Trimming Machine

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This Wood Trimming Machine holder side milling machine is made of aluminum alloy processed by CNC machine tools.

After adjusting the front and rear and left and right limit screws, you can start working.Turn on the trimming machine to push forward and move left and right



Product name Trimming Machine holder
Material Aluminum alloy 6061
Holding diameter 65mm
Sliding method Linear rail
Weight 1.98KG



1.It can precisely control the width and depth of the mortise.

2.The upper and lower height can be adjusted to be suitable for boards of different thickness.

3.Move back and forth, left and right to slide through precision line rails, with high smoothness.

4.Move forward and backward with rebound function, after manual pushing, the hand can rebound to the back end after releasing the pushing force.

5.Equipped with a handle switch, you can connect the power switch to the handle.

6.Equipped with seat to support trimming machine with fixed diameter of 65mm.


Product Description:

1.The left side is equipped with a limit nut to control the depth of the hole by adjusting the nut.

2.The left and right sides of the trimmer are equipped with two brass nuts, which can limit the range of the trimmer's left and right movement. After adjusting the front and rear and left and right limit screws, you can start working.

3.Turn on the router trimmer to push forward and move left and right.


Package Included:

1 X Trimming Machine holder


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