50mmx100mm to 80x300mm Heavy Duty F Clamp Bar Clamp Woodworking Clamp

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Size: 50*100mm
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50mmx100mm to 80x300mm Heavy Duty F Clamp Bar Clamp Woodworking Clamp
Type: F Clamp
Material: Malleable Cast Iron
Suitable for: Woodworking, metal and plastic clamping.
Application: various industries grinding tool clamping, furniture factory, etc.
Size(mm) Max.holding  length(A:mm) Max. holding depth(B:mm)  Rail wide(C:mm)  Rail thickness(mm) 
50*100  100 50 15 5
50*150  150 50 15 5
50*200 200 50 15 5
50*300 300 50 15 5
80*200 200 80 22 5
80*300 300 80 20 5
80*400 400 80 22 6

1. Round rubber handles enhance texture and comfort, environment-friendly rubber handle, no hand injury, no skid.
2. Advantages of quick opening, large opening, easy to block loading and unloading workpieces.
(Prevents the clamp from dislodging or slipping away)
3. The clamping head is provided with a rubber cover to prevent slipping and deviation during the clamping process.
(Prevents damaging your clamp surface.)
4. Cast iron fixed and sliding arms, which are serrated for reinforcement, allow powerful, rigid clamping.
The powder coating provides additional protection against corrosion.
5. Special rail design prevents slipping.

Package Included:
1 X F-clamp

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