Klom Pump Wedge Black Middle Car Door Opener Air Wedge Bag Car Repair Tools Locksmith Tools

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That Car Door Wedge can be used to slide between the vehicle door and the weather stripping on the door frame. Adopt the high strength material, with special soft board inside it, does leak gas, can bear the pressure of 200 kilograms.
This is the New Pump Wedge, Air Wedge, replaces Shims. Unlock tool.

No tools are included. The air wedge and pump are the items included.
No more Shims!
Save time with the most versatile tool around!
Maximum Load 200 LBS per Air Wedge

With the air wedge, you can adjust and level furniture, kitchen cabinets and household appliances
(max. load 200 lbs. for each air wedge).
It holds many different types of elements during fastening. The air wedge can even be used as an
effective door stopper.

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