High Speed Steel Lathe Chisel Wood Turning Tool with Wood Handle Woodworking Tool

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Blade Material:High speed steel
A= 10mm flat mouth 10*150 trapezoidal knife 
B= 13mm semicircle 1/2"*150 round mouth
C= 13mm inner arc (blade length 155mm)
D= 13mm inner arc (blade length 225mm)  
E= 13mm oblique blade 1/2"*150 oblique mouth
F= 25mm semicircle 1"*160 round mouth
G= 25mm oblique blade 1"*160 oblique mouth
Type Total length(mm) Blade length(mm) Blade width(mm) Blade thickness(mm) Weight(kg)
A 405 150 10 10 0.27
B 405 150 13 10 0.22
C 405 155 13 5 0.26
D 475 225 13 5 0.38
E 400 150 13 5 0.21
F 460 160 25 6 0.36
G 460 160 25 6 0.33
- This is one of the most complete and most used turning tool you will find. Each tool blade is made from M2 High Speed Steel (HSS) which outlasts standard carbon steel blades 6 to 1.
- Each blade is approximately 420mm long and will give you years of dependable use. Each tool handle is beautifully turned hardwood that are approximately 250mm long making this a perfect tool for beginners or advanced turners alike.
- Each tool is fitted with a ferrule and balanced for performance while turning. The tools can be sharpened as often as needed.
While the tools are essentially ready to use out of the box, it is recommended that you hone or sharpen the tools to your preferred grind angle before using them for the first time.
- Each tool is sure to bring you years of use.
Package Included:
1 X  Wood Lathe Chisel Tool

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